Kerby Rosanes Geometric Lion

Special Edition Engraved Case

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Special Edition wood case, featuring the artwork of Kerby Rosanes. The artwork is engraved on a sheet of genuine black walnut wood. Laser engraved, finished by hand.

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Made to order, ships in 1-3 business days.

Kerby Rosanes Geometric Lion


Special Edition wood case, featuring the artwork of Kerby Rosanes. This geometric lion is engraved on a sheet of genuine black walnut wood. Beautifully finished by hand. Made to order at our shop in Elkhart, Indiana.

Who is Kerby Rosanes?
Philippines-based illustrator Kerby Rosanes works mainly with ordinary black pens to magically illustrate his "doodle" world. Most of his works are characterized by whimsical lines, patterns, characters and little elements that are spontaneously combined to create massive compositions depicting his everyday experiences or anything that inspires him. He recently left his job as a graphic designer in a local company to finally pursue his passion: creating more art for personal projects and for various clients and collaborating with other artists and design agencies around the world.
  • Unique Natural Wood Grain and Finish
  • Precision Laser Cut Wood
  • Made at our shop in Elkhart, Indiana
  • Part of every purchase goes directly to the artist!

Completely Unique!

All of our products are made from responsibly and sustainably harvested wood, no fake printed wood grain. The grain pattern will react beautifully to lighting changes. The product you receive may have a slightly different grain pattern than what is pictured. It will be one of a kind.


Our wood finishing process maintains a natural look and feel while providing a very high level of protection for your device. This is an amazing finish that ensures your new wood skin or case will look great for years to come. We hand finish and sand every piece to create a natural, smooth feel.


Our products are made from 100% real wood which reacts to lighting changes. Every skin or case will have a different and unique grain pattern. We do our best to photograph a variety of grain patterns and lighting conditions to give you the best idea what our product will look like. We love the changing nature of wood! Your skin or case will look different in the sun than it will inside your house or car. That is what makes our products so beautiful and unique!


Our products are manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards. Our Warrantly covers defects in material or workmanship in new products. This warranty extends to the original purchaser only and is non-transferable. Only consumers purchasing CARVED products from authorized retailers or resellers or through the website may obtain coverage.

CARVED will replace or refund at no charge, at its option, any product that proves defective because of improper workmanship and/or material, under normal installation and use.

The CARVED Warranty lasts for 1 year from the documented date of purchase.

We do not guaranty that our products will protect your device from possible damage and offer no warranty beyond that of our products. CARVED does not offer any warranty on your device used in connection with our products.

To file a warranty claim, please contact us at (855) 227-8333 or email info( at )

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Customer Reviews

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So Far I love the Case
By: N/A On: 1/12/2017

It seems to be sturdy, I love the Design and the work was great. I have and will recommend Carved to any friend looking for a wood Phone Case that fits their personality.

Great case, any time again!
By: Thomas On: 1/2/2017

This case was a Christmas present from my parents. I received it a little later but I am nevertheless very happy. It fits perfect, the design is successful and it feels high-quality.
The mobile phone also lies with the cover perfectly in the hand. It weighs a little bit more, but this does not disturb me.
I can recommend this case and would order another one any time again.

Good service
By: N/A On: 12/27/2016

Gave email updates about my product and was easy to follow where it was.

Great customer service and design
By: Allen On: 12/24/2016

I received a case that had an air bubble under where the lion's tail is and after I contacted Carved through chat, they sent me another one in a few days! The second case is perfect! Great customer service! Both cases looked amazing and the wood feels amazing and had the first one not have that defect, I would have kept it. I bought the clear slim case for the iPhone 7 Plus and I definitely recommend the case to everyone. Keep up the great work guys!

Great case
By: N/A On: 12/23/2016

The case is very slim, looks awesome, protects well. You can tell it's made from real wood. Only complaint is the lion doesn't stand out as much as in the picture. 10/10 would recommend

Beautiful artwork
By: Melinda J On: 12/19/2016

The case is absolutely gorgeous and i believe my husband is going to love this case when he opens it on Christmas. I do believe that i will need to get a bit more protection under the case to protect the phone as it is pretty thin. But i love the case over all.

By: N/A On: 12/16/2016

Feels great in the hand, amazing finish.

Love this case
By: Juan On: 12/9/2016

So I purchased a Carved case for my Nexus 6 years ago but it cracked in one of the bottom corners on it's own. The people at Carved were so great that they sent me a second case for free without any hassle or inconvenience. Unfortunately the second case did the same thing. I didn't ask for another replacement I just used the case as is until it finally broke all the way and couldn't use it. A few months ago I get a new Pixel XL and am looking for a case. This is my first "premium" phone I don't want to put just a rubber case on it or something that's gonna bulk it up and make it ugly. So I decide to give Carved another go because even if it does the same thing again I can live with it for a while and except for that minor problem I loved my Nexus 6 case and it always got compliments.

Much to my delight when I received my Case for my Pixel I noticed that the front portion of the case is rubber instead of hard plastic so I don't see myself having the same problem that I did with my previous case. The case itself is beautiful and the design on the back is awesome. I hate covering up my phone with a case but if I have to use I'm glad I get to use this one.

By: N/A On: 12/8/2016

Over all great looking case and feels great! Only issue I have is that the Aux port is small. Other than that 10 out of 10.

Close to Perfect.
By: Aditya On: 12/6/2016

Beautiful Case. The design is breathtaking. Rubber edges on the side prevents the phone from slipping. The only reason I deducted a star is because I'm a little bit concerned about the screen protection. The screen sits almost flush with the surface with very little elevation.

Needles to say I would definitely reccomend a case like this.

Great case
By: Jereme On: 12/6/2016

Case looks great. I do wish the power and volume buttons were raised even just a little bit to make it easier to find and distinguish them from each other. Otherwise, keep up the good work. The case provides a unique look for my phone.

Geometric Lion
By: N/A On: 12/1/2016

Google pixel phone case arrived in a decent timeframe. The case looks stunning. Worth every penny.

Ryan R

Very cool carved wood case
By: N/A On: 11/30/2016

The design is great, you can actually feel the carving into the wood.
Maybe the only shame is the rubber added to the wood to protect the phone. A complete wood case might have not protected the phone as much, but it would have fitted better with the nicely carved design and enlighten it even more. But a very cooly designed phone case overall.

Delicate and creative
By: N/A On: 11/29/2016

This case was purchased as a gift; the recipient is fascinated with lions and his reaction was of pure delight. Great craftsmanship and the case fits perfectly. Also he was having difficulties finding screen protectors for the Samsung 7 Edge that won't lift at the corners when using other cases (and he tried several) he told me his new Carved case its a perfect fit, no problems at all.
Thank you for the prompt shipping and friendly emails.

love it
By: N/A On: 11/24/2016

high quality, looks great, does the job

So far so good
By: Gerardo On: 11/18/2016

Currently deployed and I deal with a lot of heavy machinery here and there, the case has been holding up just fine against rough surfaces. Yet slick and easy to hold on to the side grip design.

Great product
By: N/A On: 11/11/2016

Great design! Great service!

Great case, looks amazing!
By: N/A On: 11/11/2016

Was impressed with the packaging, too. You guys got a good brand. Thanks!

By: N/A On: 11/10/2016

The best looking case i've ever seen ! Thank you very much. The only thing i would like is if it would offer a tiny protection when put face down like a small rubber bumper that the phone could rest on while resting on the screen side but aside from that, it is perfect. Amazing work, i simply love it.

Fast delivery, top quality
By: N/A On: 11/10/2016

Very fast deliverytime of 1 week ti switzerland and the quality of the case is perfect!

Beautiful yet broken
By: Dallas On: 11/9/2016

I love the case it's slim and the artwork is beautiful, but it seems the case is too tight and I noticed a day after it being on my phone that there's a crack in the plastic on the side

Slim Lion Case
By: N/A On: 11/4/2016

The case is of great quality and I am very happy with it! I've recommended this site to my friends and family, and I will definitely be purchasing more cases from Carved in the future. Simple yet elegant and quality-made. I'll be looking into their full wooden cases soon.

By: N/A On: 11/3/2016

well done and love the work done

Most beautiful case!
By: TanYH On: 10/25/2016

Most beautiful case I have for my note7,too bad all note7 is going to recall back again,have bought a google pixel xl to replace note7,hope they will make case for google pixel xl soon...

Super nice case!
By: N/A On: 10/21/2016

The most beautiful case I have seen for note7,too bad note7 is going to recall back... Can't enjoy this case on my note7 soon...

Great Product!
By: chase On: 10/19/2016

Absolutely love this case! I have payed for 2 myself and convinced two of my family members to get a case from carved as well! Love these cases!

By: N/A On: 10/14/2016

I am in LOVE with this case! Getting the "protective" case, I thought it was gonna look bulky but it is actually very sleek and looks good. I love Kerby's design and it was beautifully made!

By: N/A On: 10/14/2016

I have never been one to purchase phone cases but for some reason I really wanted one for my new phone that was really reflective of my me and my style. This case is awesome and it looks just like it does online. It's slim but still adds protection. I've had it on my phone for about a week now and it always catches people's eyes because it's different. Everyone in my office has commented on how much they like it. Happy customer!

By: Cela On: 10/13/2016

It is such a lovely cover, the art and craftsmanship are amazing!! ♥

sexy and sleek
By: Lucas On: 10/11/2016

Material looks good, feels good and smells good LOL. 10/10 would buy again. shipment is a lil bit slow but maybe that's because i live far away from the USA

By: N/A On: 10/8/2016

I purchased this case for my gold iPhone 7 plus and it is great, looks amazing, slim,and easy to hold.

So sick!
By: Mike On: 10/7/2016

The design on the case is awesome - obviously - and the case itself doesn't detract from the original design of the phone. It also doesn't add an obnoxious amount of bulk like some other humvee shaped cases do. I think the buttons could be a little better - they don't offer much in the way of tactile feedback - but apart from that it's a fantastic case. I usually don't buy cases, but I broke a phone and had to pay to replace it, so I thought I'd get some protection for it this time around. I'm really happy with the purchase.

Very well made
By: N/A On: 10/1/2016

Really adds to the look of my phone rather than making it look cheaper like most phone cases.

Loved it thank you guys
By: N/A On: 9/29/2016


Sick and Awesome
By: N/A On: 9/29/2016

It's design super detailed, intricate, and beautiful. The only thing is I wish it was more protective.

Very Nice
By: Hau On: 9/29/2016

The case is well made and compatible with the Galaxy S7 Edge. Love the thank you note and sticker from the company. Carved has my support and recommendation.

Terrific case, would only change one thing
By: N/A On: 9/28/2016

I'm a return customer, I've enjoyed Carved cases in the past and this one is my favorite. I appreciate the quality and attention to detail, even in the packaging. The only thing I'd change is the size of the lightning port cutout. It's fine for charging purposes, however, the new iPhone 7 and 7 plus headphones (that plug into the Lightning port) doesn't fit well. It's larger than the cord used for charging, and it barley fits. The slightest bump knocks it out, which is frustrating. Even with that I still gave it 5 stars because I love the look.

Great case, very few concerns- worth the buy
By: Ayla-Rae On: 9/28/2016

The case is beautiful and looks very functional so far.

To start off, the rubber bumper doesn't feel or look cheap at all and the wood is gorgeous. The bumper is textured for a non-slip grip and the cutouts and buttons all work great. I have no problem seeing the design on the case, which I saw was mentioned before a few times. It's very visible and looks great.

My only concern is that the edge around the screen isn't enough to protect it if it's dropped face down. While to the best of my ability to eyeball it, it certainly appears that the ridge protects the screen, it's hard to tell for sure and it's not a very large margin. There's no way I'm doing a drop test with this when Samsung S7 screens cost an upward of $250 to replace, but I'll try to leave a review if it is an issue in the future- which I hope it won't be.

Overall, it's a great phone case that looks fantastic and I would definitely recommend it.

Hopefully the links work- I've attached some pictures of the design as it appeared for me on my case to show that it's very much visible. Apologies if they're low quality, hopefully you can see them decently.

While it's visible, I'd go with one of the printed ones if you're looking for something that really pops out from ten feet away. Personally, I love how this looks, but it may be a bit too subtle for some.

Great case, very few concerns- worth the buy
By: Ayla-Rae On: 9/28/2016

A very well made product overall. The phone case feels great in my hands, and adds very little bulk to the phone- which I love. The rubber bumper around the wood has a non-slip texture and doesn't feel cheap at all. The cutouts are all spaced great so there's no interference and the buttons are very responsive and easy to push. I personally have no issue seeing the design on my case which was a problem mentioned before (I'll see if I can attach links to pictures below) and it looks very nice.

My only concern with this case is that the bumper that elevates the screen from whatever surface it is face down on isn't enough. It's certainly there and to my knowledge I don't think that the screen actually touches whatever it's laying down on, but the gap isn't a considerable amount which is a little concerning as Samsung S7 screens cost $250 or so to replace. If it proves to be a problem in the future I'll try to come back and leave another review, but as for right now I'm hoping it won't be an issue.

Overall, it's worth the money and I love it so far (for the fifteen minutes I've had it).

Great design!
By: N/A On: 9/28/2016

If not for one important tech thing, I would have given this a Very Happy Five Star. The case is beautifully made, artwork exquisite and it fits nicely around my 7Plus. Unfortunately, the opening slot where the lightening cord piece goes in is a little too small to let me attach my charger cord securely. My cord is not the short Apple cord, but a longer, more cat-chewing resistant one. Had no problems with connecting it thru the protective case I had on my iPhone 6Plus from a different maker. (I'm going to take an exacto knife to it today to try to enlarge the slot.) Otherwise, fantastic lion!

Loved it!
By: N/A On: 9/27/2016

Loved the product

By: N/A On: 9/23/2016

Got this to protect my new iPhone 7
Fits like a glove!! For being their "heavy duty" styled case its pretty slim, but feels sturdy. The rubber case covers the entire outer edge of the phone while leaving room for the camera, speakers and lightning port. Buttons respond perfectly normal and works totally fine with screen protectors.

By: N/A On: 9/20/2016

Very good quality with excellent customer service. My only question is when will you offer the clear border case instead of just the travel case?

By: N/A On: 9/14/2016

The phone case is well built and is very cool. The design is very clean and well done.

The wood was a little darker in my particular piece than the photos on the site, but it looks just as good with darker wood.

Hands down amazing
By: Josh On: 9/11/2016

This case is amazing, took only 2 weeks to get to Australia, the case is visually stunning and fits perfectly with the buttons and is nice a secure with a wonderful feeling.

Best case ever!
By: MichaelHR13 On: 9/6/2016

High quality and detail! The perfect case for anybody who wants to make a statement. Just not for people who need more heavy duty protection.

Geometric Lion Case Review
By: N/A On: 9/1/2016

I really love the design of the case. Really glad you guys collaborated with Mr. Rosanes; I've been following his artwork on social media for a couple years now. The fact that I could purchase a piece of his artwork on a phone case truly amazed me. Really impressed with the case but it would've been better if the case was more protective; I'm worried that even though this is the "Traveler Case" it will not protect my phone well if it gets dropped.

A Natural Beauty
By: N/A On: 8/27/2016

I love that Carved supports artists like Kerby. While the wood looks absolutely stunning, the lighting in the photo makes the black walnut appear lighter than what some may recieve. That aside, the wood has an amazing texture to it and engraving is very detailed and visible. The tough case for the iPhone 6 is also very functional and not too bulky. A beautiful piece of art by both parties that I would buy again.

Love it
By: Joshua On: 8/24/2016

One of my favorite covers now will definitely recommend it and buy another one from here

Just amazing!
By: N/A On: 8/20/2016

I live in Denmark, and it took just five days before I got my order. FIVE days! That is whiteout doubt the best shipping I have ever experienced.
The cover as well is outstanding. Beautiful artwork, and attention to detail. Just amazing.

I love it.
By: N/A On: 8/17/2016

It looks beautiful and is something no one I know has. I will be buying another case again. Only think I wish is they will have solid wood ones soon?

Perfect and epic
By: N/A On: 8/14/2016

I'm italian and i have received this case in less than 2 weeks, this case is amazing, the wood is perfect and all details are very accurate. My nexus 5 is original now. Thanks for all!

By: TJ On: 8/11/2016

I love the detail and work that went into making this case. It has a conversation piece many times already and I only received it a week ago. Strongly recommended!

All around awesome case!
By: N/A On: 8/11/2016

So sturdy and protective at the same time as looking good!!! I am very happy with the carving design and the wood is beautiful. I am sure this case will last a long time and I love how personable the company is with friendly and professional delivery. You'll be so happy if you get this case:)

Great Design
By: Thomas On: 8/10/2016

This case has a fantastic design, which has drew a fair bit of attention from others in my office. If you are looking for something sturdy and different you can't go wrong with any of these cases.

Great design - Very unique
By: N/A On: 8/5/2016

I normally wouldn't spend this much money on a phone case but this is worth it (you have to appreciate the art and the craftsmanship right?) The color is a little dark so the design doesn't show very well unless you look at it at an angle but I guess that's the idea - no two cases look alike! I would recommend it.

Love it
By: N/A On: 8/4/2016

Is really cool. I order it like Friday and got it next Friday

By: N/A On: 7/29/2016

The shipment was very fast. I got my order in 7 days. My cover is a bit darker as shown in the picture and has another tone BUT I love it anyways. Would buy again.

By: N/A On: 7/26/2016

Not what I was anticipating after viewing your pictures on your website. There was no depth to the piece, comes off flat.

By: N/A On: 7/24/2016

The design was quite hard to see on this type of wood, and it seemed like there was almost too much detail, it lowered the quality a bit. It seems like if it was up scaled to a bigger size it would help a lot.

Absolutely stunning
By: N/A On: 7/22/2016

I ordered this case a few weeks ago and it arrived fairly quickly for international shipping and I am in love with it. Not only is it beautiful because the artist, Kerby, is amazing but it is also made beautifully. The case is really high quality in my opinion and I am absolutely happy with it. It fits very nicely, although it is a bit hard to take off but I wouldn't wanna change it anyway.

Perfect Art
By: N/A On: 7/19/2016

One of the most artistic things ever rapped around an IPhone. Wood is great for dispersing the shock if your phone hits the ground too! #Fresh

Super produit !
By: MAXIME On: 7/19/2016

La qualité est excellente ! Je ne regrette pas !

Best designed case I've owned
By: Michael On: 7/19/2016

I love this case. The quality on it is great. It seems very well put together and the geometric lion design looks so cool! I wanted something minimal that wouldn't make my phone twice as big and this case seems sturdy while maintaining practically the same size as being without a case. I would definitely buy from Carved again. Thank you guys for creating a high quality product at a competitive price.

I just can't get enough
By: N/A On: 7/15/2016

Such an amazing case...the wood finish is so smooth and the lion cutting is extremely detailed. Already had a few heads turned and questions asked about where I got it from. Delivery was also super speedy to the UK and I'm already thinking about ordering another to switch it up a bit. Definitely would recommend these cases to anyone looking for a high quality hand crafted unique product!

Still awesome
By: Trung On: 7/6/2016

The case that I received doesn't look like the one in the photo. It's much darker and more brown. But still a very beautiful case with a nice design! :) And also a very fast shipping. I expected it longer.

It's awesome
By: Grant On: 7/5/2016

I have bought a case from here before and it was super cool and lasted me a long time. So excited about this new one

By: Alessandro Galli On: 6/30/2016

The cover fits perfectly my s7. Received a version with a slightly darker wood, but I think it's better since the reviews were saying that with the "normal" version the lion was not visible. received in Italy in only 12 days, much faster than I was expecting. Does not add too much bulk at all.

Great Conversation Starter
By: N/A On: 6/20/2016

Upon purchasing this case, I received it in about 4 days (had bought USPS First Class shipping. It's well-made phone case, and attracts attention and has a good smooth grain. I really appreciate the attention to detail in the packaging of the product. Custom stickers and a message is included, great service and I highly recommend it!

By: N/A On: 6/17/2016

Love it very much!

An amazing case
By: N/A On: 6/9/2016

I've owned a couple wooden and non wooden cases before, but all of them had some minor detail that annoyed me enough to keep changing my case in search of a better one. After buying this case, I don't think I'll be searching for a new one in a while. I'm extremely satisfied and have no complaints.

Not easily visible
By: Joshua On: 6/9/2016

Design isn't easily visible on the middle-tan wood. You kinda have to tilt the phone and reflect light off of it. I bet it would be nigh invisible on the ebony. Go for the light colored wood here.
It's just shallow-cut into the phone and does not have any ink (as you might think from the pictures). Also, I expected this but the hole for fingerprint sensor (Nexus 6p) forced the design to be smaller. Possibly that contributed to the low visibility. I'll be exchanging this one.

Lion Case
By: N/A On: 6/9/2016

I've been following this guy's art on insta for ages, and I could not be happier with this case!! The detail is amazing, and I love it :)) ALSO the shipping is beyond awesome, only $4 to canada and here within a week!

By: N/A On: 6/8/2016

Beautiful, well-crafted case. Feels luxurious and looks great. Would definitely buy another case from Carved.

By: N/A On: 6/6/2016

Under the light, all the details are revealed. However, the shade of brown of the wood differed from the display picture. Mine was darker so the image was not as visible under low lighting. Oh well, still awesome.

Great quality, but contrast could be better
By: Karen On: 6/6/2016

The artwork is very nice, and held in good light, the details are obviously high quality. But in routine use, it's quite hard to pick out the drawing / shapes -- I think because mine has fairly light wood. Maybe these should only be cut on certain woods, to assure a solid contrast.
Longtime fan of Carved. I own many cases. Always great service, speed, and prices. *thumbs up emoji*

By: N/A On: 6/6/2016

High quality wood and TPU iPhone case. It fit perfectly and even the TPU bumper is esthetic on the phone.
I'm based in France and i received my item one week later which is very fast shipment (and not so expensive).
The design is really awesome, thin and so much detailed. I love it.
Thank you Carved ! À bientôt !

Great quality
By: N/A On: 6/5/2016

Far surpassed all of my expectations, thanks guys! Will be getting another in the future

Not what I expected.....
By: N/A On: 6/4/2016

When I saw this I thought OMG MUST HAVE, in the picture the carving is clearly visible and bad ass. But when I received my product I was rather disappointed because the carving is hardly visible, I have to turn the case on certain angles to see it and if I don't it just looks like a boring wooden would be nice if the carving was inked as well to make it standout without having to tilt the case.......I wouldn't spend the money again.....


Let Down
By: N/A On: 6/2/2016

The lion on my case is barely visible. I know it's supposed to be a natural finish but in comparison to the pic above its a huge let down.

Love the Lion
By: Heather A. On: 6/1/2016

First off I love the case. The only reason why I didn't give it 5 stars is that I thought the Lion itself would have been a little darker, like the one in the picture. Love it though.

Gorgeous, but light
By: Shannon On: 5/31/2016

Very well done-- the amount of detail they captured is impressive. However I am a little disappointed in how light it is. It can be pretty hard to see the lion at all unless it's in certain lighting and it hits it just right.

Shallow engraving
By: Chelsie On: 5/28/2016

I was super pumped to get my case really quick. It only took three days of waiting. Upon opening the box, I was left a little disappointed. You can barely see the engraving of the lion unless you til it towards the light at the right angle. You also have to be close enough to see the detail because the design is so small. The case itself is really nice though. And fits my phone perfectly. I'm just really disappointed with the engraving.

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