Burlap Bag

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Just a good ole Burlap Bag. 6.3" x 4.25"
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Burlap Bag


These Carved burlap bags were originally designed and produced to be a protective home for our wood Power Banks, but once we had them in our hands we realized just how versatile and quite frankly awesome they were. You could of course purchase one as a replacement home for your power bank if you’ve somehow lost your carved burlap bag. There are also those of you who bought an early edition of our power bank that did not come with a super cool Carved burlap bag. You all need one, right?

What other purposes could they have you ask? Well here’s a short list of things that we think are perfect for these bags:

• Loose change
• Candy stash
• Dice (for the table top gamers out there)
• Marbles!
• Meds
• Footbags
• Gunny sack racing for your pet hamster
• Feed to your goat

Whatever the reason you may have to pick one of these burlap bags up, you can now do so for only five bucks. Go for it!

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Customer Reviews

Perfect size
Review for: Burlap Bag

This product is the perfect size to keep your phone in to keep it protected when your just tossing it in your purse on the go. Or for gift wrapping your carved case!!!

It is what it is
Review for: Burlap Bag

It's a burlap nap sack, if you could use it and for some reason don't want a normal burlap bag then go for it

Review for: Burlap Bag

The bag is obviously well made and I have already used it for many things from carrying change to carrying my phone. It is a wonderful product and a unique accessory that I already love!

Review for: Burlap Bag

Nice and handy

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